Donna Goldberg / Art Producer  

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What I do:

I've worked at many agencies. Some small, some big. And every agency has taught me something different. As has every talented person I've had the pleasure to work with. My main responsiblities were to source appropriate photographers, artists and talent for each brief, (it sounds easy, but I believe if you do it well, it isn't ), co-ordinate photo shoots and ensure the work produced is the highest quality. And of course, make sure the dimes and dollars all work.

I have extensive knowledge of photographers and agents, illustrators, video and photo libraries, retouchers, production crews and along the way, I've made great contacts and I like to think I have formed a strong relationship with everyone I've worked with. Here's a list of some of the things I do.

• Sourcing photographers and artists (illustration, cgi, video, digital, retouchers).
• Coordinate photoshoots, on-set supervision
• Negotiation of fees and contracts
• Casting and talent bookings
• Sourcing stock images and negotiating usage fees
• Clearing image rights and obtaining permission to produce
• Visual translation of ideas in new business pitches and presentations
• Look and feel development
• Source new talent and maintaining a consistently high standard

There is so much great talent out there, so I'm also always on the lookout for up and coming photographers. Anything fresh, original or innovative is of interest to me.